Modified citrus pectin benefits

As a fire chief you know the importance of staying in optimal shape and health to be the most effective you can be at work and at home. This is easier said than done though with all the commitments of daily life, long hours and shift work you can get run down pretty fast. This time of year it is especially critical to keep your body in top condition as cold and flu bugs start appearing with the cooler temperatures.

With cold and flu season just around the corner, you need do to do what you can to ward off the common cold and avoid that one or two weeks of feeling miserable that you have gotten used to in years past. It all starts with boosting your immune system in order to ensure it can properly fight off illnesses, from the common cold, to the flu, or whatever is floating around out there. You don't want to have to miss a week of work or spend your days off in bed because of illness. With the right immune system booster, not only will you have the necessary power to fight off the sick season blues, it will also help you feel better, feel energized, and feel great the entire winter season.

With Pectasol-C, you have the premier immune system booster that your body needs. Not only is it packed with vitamin C, it is also packed with the antioxidants to help fight off immune system killing bugs. Pectasol-C is also going to help you increase your vitamin C intake, which is something many of us are deficient in. Not only will Pectasol-C give you added energy and the spark your body needs to rid itself of the harsh bacteria which are floating around in your blood stream, it is also going to help you get the essential vitamins and minerals that your body is lacking and needs to thrive.

In addition to taking the immune system booster, Pectasol-C, there are other things to consider adding to your daily routine. For starters, it is important that you increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is known to help reduce the potential of viruses affecting and attacking your system and it is essential for your system to thrive.

You also want to eat a well balanced diet which is high in nutrients, minerals, and has the right vitamin mix, so that your body has everything it needs to fight off illness. Feeding your body a healthy diet makes it stronger and more able to ward off illness on its own.

Exercise is also a great way for you to sweat out harmful toxins. Your system builds up free radicals over time; when you exercise, not only will you rid the system of these free radicals, but will also sweat out harmful toxins which are likely to lead to infection and will cause you to get sick far easier than you otherwise would. Simply doing 30 to 45 minutes a day is more than enough for more people. A brisk walk or hike everyday is all it takes, it can be a great fall time family activity too!

Having a strong immune system is vital to staying healthy. Getting the right vitamins and minerals is essential for your body to fight off illness and keeping yourself active will go a long way to avoiding colds and flu this season. If you still need a little help, then consider including an immune system booster like Pectasol-C.

Enjoy the changing season and stay healthy and active!


Top Rated Compression Socks

As the fire chief, you have a lot of responsibility at a fire scene.  As you know you will have to take command of the situation and oversee all of the firefighters as they perform search and rescue, put out a blaze or perform on back up duties.  Either way, the amount of standing and sitting that me be required can be extensive. Prolonged standing or sitting can cause increased swelling in the feet, ankles and lower legs particularly if you eat a high salt diet, have cardiac issues, or varicose veins.

There are the obvious methods to work on reducing swelling such as elevating your legs, eating less sodium and seeing your doctor for possible medications.  However, elevating your legs is not always a possibility.  Eating less sodium should be your norm anyways, but for too many it isn't, and as far as the doctor goes...well, not everyone is willing to go or to take medication.

So, where does that leave us? Compression socks!  Compression socks have graduated compression meaning there is more compression at the ankle and it lessens as it gets closer to your knee.  This way the pressure from the sock counteracts gravity's pull of the fluid to your ankles.  It's not 100% effective, but it helps tremendously!  There are many different brands out there.  If you're looking for advice on the best of the best compression socks, then check out my full compression socks review at

Once you get a pair of compression socks, you need to realize they don't go on like any regular pair of socks.  They are tight and require a special technique.  If you'd like to find out how to put them on correctly, check out this video.

DIY Healthy Living DIY Healthy Living

Firemen eat well at work and no one knows this better than the firehouse’s fire chief.  Since your average firefighter works 24 hours on and 48 hours off, they spend a lot of time with their co-workers when they work.  

As you can imagine, A LOT of food is prepared to feed these important men and women who place themselves in harm’s way to help the public on a daily basis.  The demands placed on the firefighters to perform, under extreme conditions and under significant stress, is very high.  In order to constantly be able to perform at this level, it is highly important to eat a diet full of healthy clean foods.  

Think of this healthy, clean food living as going the DIY route or moving back to the way your  great grandparents or great great grandparents used to live.  It would include avoiding processed or boxed foods, chemicals, preservatives, alcohol.  Clean, healthy eating promotes eating a diet full of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, grass fed meats, water, etc.

If the firemen in charge of cooking meals for the firehouse are looking for DIY healthy eating recipes they need not look any further than  They can find plenty of healthy eating recipes for their next meal.  In addition, if they want to save the department money and want to begin making household products, they can find plenty of recipes for cleaning supplies as well.